Ladywell's Vitality Spa & Sauna

Ladywell’s proudly offers highly talented and trained practitioners for our treatments services. If this is a return visit to the spa and you have enjoyed the services of a particular therapist on a prior visit, feel free to request that therapist again.


Jamie Underwood - MA#60021434

I strive to excel in providing massage as an effective alternative healthcare choice. Utilizing a combination of Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Neuromuscular Techniques.

I aim to focus on each client’s overall well being, while bringing awareness to one’s health and humanity.

I graduated from Cortiva Institute Brian Utting School of Massage in 2007, and began my massage practice in 2008. In my sessions I emphasize Deep Tissue work and Neuromuscular release, drawing from all of my knowledge and skills to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

Ailee Dale - MA#60363753

I am an intuitive and compassionate body worker committed to providing my clients with a soothing yet effective massage. I believe in trying to ease the mind and relax the body before doing any precise or specific work within the tissue. I graduated from CortivaSeattle's extended program in 2013 where I enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer providing prenatal massage for a local maternity and childbirth center.

I have a smooth, thorough style that utilizes a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and Neuromuscular techniques. Whether you are looking to relax and unwind, or are seeking relief from pain, stress, or overuse, I can create a unique and relaxing experience for you!

Elise Brown - MA# 60426078

I enjoy being a facilitator of healing and allowing each body I work with to come closer to a place of centered balance. Whether you are in need of some general relaxation or more focused bodywork, I look forward to listening to your specific needs and working with you to achieve your goals during each session. My personal style is a combination of swedish modalities, trigger point work and deeper connective tissue work. I also focus on clear communication in order to customize my massage to the individual.

Dee Otness - MA#00019099

I graduated from SutherlandChan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto, Canada in 1984. I also have an Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy from Erie Community College. I’ve had experience working in a nursing home, health club, chiropractic office and massage studio, so I’m comfortable and enjoy working with people of all ages and all stages of life.

My biggest influences in massage are Swedish and Deep Tissue, but I enjoy taking continuing education classes and mixing in pieces of everything I’ve learned. My philosophy on healing is that taking care of your body helps nourish your soul; together you can achieve balance. My massage is tailored to each individual client’s needs at the time, whether it be for treatment purposes or for a relaxing experience.

Sarah Huntting - MA#00008678

I’m dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where you can begin to relax, unwind and receive the healing benefits of therapeutic touch. Whether you’re dealing with pain from an injury, or from repetitive stress or simply want to relax, I’m skilled in a variety of bodywork modalities and relaxation techniques to address your specific needs during our time together.

I graduated from the Brian Utting School of Massage in 1995. I received my Trager certification in 2000 and in 2015 became certified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner. I’ve also studied myofascial release techniques and craniosacral therapy. I’m passionate about my work and I look forward to being a part of your self-care and well being at LadyWell’s Vitality Spa.

Amy Brown - MA#60811584

As a Seattle native, my hollistic lifestyle was developed as a young girl. Massage Therapy was the perfect way for me to pursue that idea for myself as well as for my community. It is my passion to help restore your mind and body by providing a client centered experience to address any stress you may be experiencing. As a graduate of the Cortiva Institute of Seattle my specialties are Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation, Myofascial Release, Treatment work and Trigger Point Therapy.

Katie Shell - MA#60043692

When I am in the massage room, I am in my element!  My specialty is changing structural limitations into functional movement using firm to deep pressure.  I also love to give a mellow relaxation massage with essential oils & hot stones. 

I encourage you to feel empowered to express your massage needs with me during every session, and to voice your needs as they may change. This is your time to unwind and revitalize.

In 2007, I graduated from Everest College in Burr Ridge, IL. It has brought me great joy to spend 1,000's of hours working with those healing form fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, depression, car accidents, on the job injuries, sports injuries, post surgery recovery, and chronic & acute pain.  Over the years, I have come to hold massage therapy as a balance between science and kindness.
I look forward to meeting with you!